Construction Cranes Dance Over D.C. for Capital Fringe

Washington has its share of construction cranes, and Wednesday night two of them performed a choreographed dance over the city.

Toronto-based artist Brandon Vickerd created the 45-minute “dance” that was performed by two crane operators in high-rise construction cranes. The performance was part of the city’s Capital Fringe Festival.

The cranes slowly pivoted, swayed and rotated in harmonized movement, while ambient music played in time with the choreography.

People stopped to watch and take pictures as the cranes slowly swirled.

Vickerd says he wants people to find beauty in their urban landscape and appreciate what it takes to build a city.

The Capital Fringe website gave a terrific artistic insight of the event.

On the evening of July 15, 2015 at 8:15pm, two high-rise construction cranes will come to life in a synchronized spectacle of motion. Dance of the Cranes will consist of a choreographed dance performed by two high-rise construction cranes towering over the streets of Washington, DC.

At dusk, the cranes will slowly begin to pivot, rotate and sway in harmonized gestures, each crane performing the same delicate motion hundreds of feet above the viewers on the sidewalks and in Milian Park below. As the performance progresses, the accompanying ambient music will echo through the streets, creating the sensation that the entire city is the stage for this complex performance and immersing the audience within the spectacle.

Repurposing these utilitarian machines as the star performers in a delicate dance, creates the opportunity to forever change the way the audience relates to the city around them.

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